Saturday, January 20, 2007

Where Are The Real Healers - With Real Gifts?

After scouring the web for accounts of real people who have the spiritual gifts of healing and miracles, I'll attempt to profile them as I have the opportunity. You'll never see a profile of the "Benny Hinn" types, as you can turn on the TV or Google them whenever you wish. Profiled here will be the ones who seem to truly demonstrate possession of the genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit, without the "flash".

"During McDonough’s recent stay at Massachusetts General Hospital, nurses had to keep away those seeking healing so the priest could rest."

I found genuine intrigue reading this article from The Boston Globe about a Father McDonough who has been in the healing ministry for decades. While some would categorize many of the healing accounts as anecdotal, many other healings are hard for even the skeptics to dispute.

If you know of someone who appears to genuinely have the gifts of healing and miracles, please share.

There are real people - mostly very low profile - whose touch and prayer... heals.


Jud77 said...

Very interesting - I look forward to reading more.

Melissa said...

The pastor of the church I grew up in had the gift of healing, I believe. He used to have a Wednesday night healing service where people would come to the altar and he (and others) would lay hands on them and pray over them. Two stories stand out in my mind of this man praying over an individual and their symptoms went away immediately.

One of these people is me. I was 10 and suffering from a chronic illness: ulcerative colitis. It was so bad that the doctors were projecting that I would have to have surgery to remove parts of my colon before I was eighteen. Things were going OK with treatment, and I was managing the illness OK, but it was difficult.

I don't remember much about it, but my parents do. They took me to one of these healing services, and the next day my symptoms were gone. At my next outpatient appointment, the doctors were absolutely baffled. They took me off medication and off the special diet I was on.

Fourteen years later, here I am - still in remission and suffering from no major complications. While there are times when I do have a brief flare-up due to stress (stress can create many medical problems), I'm still off medication and can eat anything I want. I don't have to see a specialist, and I have to think twice when filling out medical forms with this condition because since then, it has never been a problem for me.

The man that God used to heal me is one of the most humble men one will ever meet. He openly acknowledges that healing is a gift of his, but will not boast about it.

Brother Marty said...

I'm culling some information for the next healer to be lifted up. Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you back soon.

Thank you for your personal testimony. I find that most of those who have been given the gift of healing are humble, almost reluctant, recipients.

My mind tells me that this type of healing doesn't make sense...but my spirit says it doesn't matter what my mind thinks.

Praise God that your parents believed, and you're here today, whole, to tell about it.