Thursday, January 25, 2007

Upper Room Devotional Connection

On Wednesday my wife read the daily devotional from The Upper Room. To my suprise, when she read the name of the author of the daily contribution I exclaimed: "I know her!" Well, actually, I didn't know her but I had visited her blog and she mine. We exchanged emails about this and I'm looking forward to meeting her face-to-face someday.

Twice while reading the devotional, my wife exclaimed that she couldn't understand how anybody could leave a daughter in such a situation. Upon the realization that I knew of this person's background, we went to her website and my wife came to understand how this sort of situation could occur.

I mention this because it is an awesome God we serve. And when there is a situation that brings people to a connection in His name, it is a wonderful event. The author is, as am I, in the healing ministry. Who'd have thunk, that from the middle of nowhere, I could connect with someone whose words are being read by millions for inspiration. I'll share this from her email, that is: She is touched and humbled by the opportunity to share her story with the larger Body of Christ.

I'm personally moved by the daily inspiration derived from the Upper Room devotionals. I encourage anyone who doesn't encourage people to subscribe and read, to lift up the devotional whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. If your church doesn't offer the Upper Room to every person who attends on Sunday, it should. Additionally, we should order extra copies and give them away because nobody knows the impact it has.

My niece lives 800 miles away. Yet, whenever we get together, we discuss what was in the Upper Room that very day. If you visit the Methoblog, the daily inspiration is at the top navigation bar. Click it, and share it.

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