Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Joy of Being Busy Being Pastor - Long Time No Post

It was June when I last posted about healing. This post is NOT about healing but rather about the joy of being a pastor. In the year and change that I've been what's called "lay supply" meaning a lay person pastoring a church, it's been quite a ride. The people at this appointment welcomed me and I've returned that honor with a commitment to be the best I can be. Sunday worship has about doubled even with some families leaving...maybe because they don't like my ponytail....not sure. Regardless, what a joy it is to be their pastor.

The greatest joy I've had to date came today. FIVE people were baptized! I know that is not a significant number to some big church people, but with attendance from 50 to 60 per week, and having 5 baptized in one day is a mind-boggling event - at least for me! But you know what? While it was a very good affirmation of what God has me doing pales by comparison to what these 5 people felt as they said "Yes....Jesus...I die to the old world and am born to your world" Oh God....I'm so humbled to have been a part of this. Life-changing things are typically personal, private, and nothing to be shared. But no...not baptism. It was a public event for these people, in front of the congregation and family and others, saying..."I'm dead to the old me, and alive for Jesus!"

After the baptism at the local lake, I went back to the church to get my "dry clothes". I intended to very briefly go in and get my clothes and get out. But didn't work that way. The husband of one of the women baptized saw my car outside and came in to say...."My wife wanted to scream ... 'Yoo Hoo' when she came up but she didn't." I told him..."son...she DID". Yes, this new child of God did, indeed, scream "Yoo Hoo" when she came up from her baptism but didn't remember.

What a privilege, honor, and joy to be a part of this life-changing event for others. And you know what? If there's a healing aspect to this it would be: Dead to the old, Alive for the new. In Christ, Jesus, we can die and be born again. If that isn't a healing story...don't know what is. Now that beats anything!