Saturday, December 30, 2006

Recent Signs of Healings

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we held a healing service. Our pastor led the service and did the annointing with oil. I began the prayer and layed hands upon those who came forward. Four others joined in prayer and laying upon hands.

During the prayer for each person who came up, there was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. I saw it in the eyes of everyone there. As we prayed for each individual, tears flowed all around. And the praying was intense and on target. We called upon the lord with authority.

I never follow up days or weeks later to ask if God healed them. Healing services aren't a test of God or a test of those administering the service. But I do hear and see the results. One woman who has constant pain in her legs and back, walks very slowly and deliberately with the use of a cane. She came for healing. In a morning prayer meeting 2 days ago two of the men there commented on how well she is getting around (without her cane) and how wonderful her spirit seems. Another woman there who had recently started dialysis had a terrible attitude regarding her situation. The next two Sundays she was in church with a big smile (uncharacteristic of her to say the least).

Healing services are all too often regarded as either a bunch of bunk or something akin to the Benny Hinn stuff on TV. In truth, they're intimate conversation with God where He is asked to bring the Holy Spirit to those in need. He comes...when invited.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brother Marty Blogs

After some prompting by people important to me, I've decided to start blogging. Once I get past the technical stuff, I hope to be reflecting here on a regular basis.
Brother Marty