Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pastors: Preachers or Ministers or What?

People are people, with strengths and weaknesses. I've met many a great preacher but meek minister. Likewise, I've met many a great minister but ho-hum preacher. I tend to feel pastored best by the ones who have balance. That is, the one's who are "people people" who have some of that real world experience that makes you feel that they can relate to your lot in life when ministering to you, yet have a perspective from the pulpit that makes ya wanna say "Hmmm".

I tend to be uncomfortable with the minister side of the issue. I'd rather preach. But I wish I had more of those ministerial qualities. I'm curious as to how pastors feel they fall into the two camps. And what they may be doing to achieve a balance. Or, is a balance even necessary?

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