Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Communion Reflections

If every experience of recieving the sacrament of holy communion is the same every time, then it can lead to becoming routine and meaningless. How terrible that would be if we only saw Jesus the same way, all the time. Don't get me wrong, as I know that he is a constant. But if we fail to see His constant revelation in our lives, then we miss the opportunity to get the most of every time we dine/commune with Him. He is forever God made man, but we should always be seeking to know Him better, and learn more from Him every time we are invited to His table.

The key word is: Invited. When a host invites us to a banquet, do we rehash the same old stuff? Do we tell the same stories we've told time and again? If we want to be invited back, we don't. If we want our company to be as compelling as the invitation suggests, then we should feel honored to bring something new, something fresh to the banquet. So it is with holy communion. We're not the same as we were the last time we were invited. Nor, has our host revealed everything that can ever be known about Him.

A good host is engaging. A good guest is engaging. Do we interact in a fresh manner with the very presence of God, in Jesus Christ, every time we come to His banquet? If we want it to be a dinner that we'll be talking about the next day...we should.


Mignon said...

Brother Marty:

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Yes,I know about OSL. I am also a active member in my local OSL group.I am not Methodist nor Episcopal-I joined two years at the prompting of the Lord and attend and minister at their events. (I went to the 2006 OSL convention in San Antonio to hear Fr. Mike Endicott)

I am so glad you are also ministering the Lord's healing to your community. I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers.

John said...

Good thoughts. The liturgy of communion should also hold us in rapt attention.

And if it doesn't, we should be disciplined enough to give it anyway.

Brother Marty said...

Mignon, John,
Thank you so very much for your input. As evidenced by the post, I'm always, totally humbled by the experience of recieving the sacrament of communion.
In my experience, it is only through the experience of Holy Communion that all those participating are on the "same page" so to speak, relating to healing services. Then again, there are times when the Holy Spirit works through us without that sacramental necessity. I'm in awe. awe.