Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our Sunday Night Healing Service

There's nothing "Same old same old" about the God we serve.  Last Sunday evening we held a healing service at our church.  Strangly, the people who earlier in the month said they needed healing prayer didn't attend. There were 12 adults and 5 children in attendance.  My initial response to this small number was disappointment, but what a foolish thing that notion turned out to be.  

Throughout the Gospel we have accounts of Jesus healing just one person at a time.  In those individual healings many marvel at the greatness, mercy and grace imparted in those single acts.  What foolishness is it for one to be distraught by small numbers seeking healing when all heaven rejoices over just one person coming to Christ?  

Sunday evening was as powerful as could be imagined.  The power and presence of God was undeniable and verifiable.  Four people (including myself) sat in for others in need of prayer while the prayer team prayed fervently over them.  One came for prayer for liver problems, another for vision issues, another for headaches and stomach pains, another for chronic abdominal pain, another for saving from matters of the flesh, and yet another for stomach pains.  The prayer over each individual was so filled with love, so filled with compassion, so filled with confidence that there was a nearly electric atmosphere in the sanctuary.  Many swooned upon feeling the Holy Spirit flow through their bodies.  One was slain unconscious; another unable to get out of the chair without assistance.  None came seeking signs and wonders, but God demonstrated that He was in control and in our midst.  

I never ask for a report card as to whether anyone felt healing.  Nonetheless, the exuberant expressions on each face gave a testimony.  Within 24 hours here is what has been shared:  One person being prayed over by proxy was at the emergency room awaiting what was thought to be emergency surgery for an apparent abdominal rupture.  After being prayed for the doctors were not able to find anything needing surgery and the pain subsided.  At the end of the prayer time the patient was released from the hospital.  Another person prayed for by proxy was told last week that his pancreatic cancer could not be treated with chemotherapy.  Monday he  saw the doctor and he said that he would schedule him to begin chemo later in the week.  The person asked why he could have chemo now when just last week they said it would do no good.  The doctor said: "Last week it wouldn't have done any good, but now we can treat it."  The brother of the patient called Monday saying "Preacher, I've got a praise report".  We both praised God with our mouths and tears of joy.  

What other reports will we receive?  I don't know.  If the bear hugs and tears of joy weren't testimony enough, I'm sure there will be more to tell as time goes by.  I know this:  God doesn't fit in the box we try to put Him in and it's totally awesome when he shows us the folly of our disbelief.