Saturday, January 27, 2007

Say No!

Do you ever ask yourself, "why me"? Things like getting asked to speak on behalf of a cause when others involved are such better speakers; write an article about something you participated in, when others write ever so eloquently; head up a new ministry; take on a new challenge; even running an errand...don't you ever ask, "why me"?

Some very wise counsel once given to me was to learn to say no sometimes. Indeed, if we dilute our activities to such a degree that we lack sufficient resources to do any of them well, it may just be time to say no. It may just be time to back away, do some soul searching, and get back on track with doing the things we can manage and do well.

Exodus 18: 17 addresses this problem as Moses is given counsel by his father-in-law, Jethro. He tells Moses to stop killing himself by being the sole judge over even the most miniscule matters. The end result is that Moses frees up his time to be all he can be for God.

People sometimes mistake heeding their calling with doing everything under the sun that even remotely relates to that call. As a lay speaker, I speak for Our Lord. Joining Toastmasters isn't part of my calling. In my attempts to whittle away the things that don't relate to speaking for Our Lord, I'm making some progress. But, I'm still stuck being the auctioneer at my wife's Quest Club annual summer party. (Maybe she'll read my blog and gimme a break!)

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