Monday, January 22, 2007

He Rejected Healing Prayer

My wonderful GoogleAlerts brought me to a blog of a missionary in Africa this morning. I was intrigued to read of his attempted healing prayer:

"...we passed this gentleman who was walking with a cane and an obvious limp. I approached him and asked if I could ask him a question. He was reluctant, but agreed. I said that I noticed his leg was not well and proceeded to ask if he would let me pray for God's healing power to take care of his leg. Before I could get the 'God's power' deal out of my mouth, he denied me the opportunity. He walked away saying that he "had nothing against God" but obviously didn't want anything to do with my prayers."

He goes on to reflect upon how people are sufficiently unwilling to get uncomfortable in our churches that the power of the Holy Spirit's gifts are denied entry. Man, ain't that the truth!

In all too many cases, the Great Comforter has no opportunity to provide comfort when we're unwilling to get "uncomfortable" in our worship.
Lord, I pray that we get uncomfortable, for I seek your comfort. Amen.

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