Monday, January 29, 2007

The Healing Ministry Gets a Bad Rap - Justifiably So!

I've set my Google Alerts to inform me whenever someone, somewhere, posts something relating to the healing ministry. My goodness, most is BUNK! So much comes from the Word of Faith movement (sub-ministries of TBN, Benny Hinn and that ilk). I get 5 to 10 daily accounts of miraculous healings, only to find that the vast majority are the result of skilled mass hypnotists capitalizing upon the very human need for divine intervention into their situations.

This balogna is so very far off target! In the REAL healing ministries, very unpretentious people supplicate to God for intervention. And in many cases, God comes through in a manner that is obvious to those involved, but not front page news. I cannot, and will not, dismiss the work of the Holy Spirit in the healings I've witnessed. But, PALEEZE, these profiteers need to get out of the headlines and leave the work of God to be an intimate, personal matter.

I'm on a soapbox, of sorts, dissing those proponents of Word of Faith movements as heretics. OK, off the soapbox.

If someone recieves a genuine healing, from God Almighty, even if given in a W-F service, I'll accept that. But I pray that the individual finds some other congregation/denomination to worship in. After all, their healing is of God Almighty. And from that, may they find a place to worship without the hype associated with W-F ministries. May they find a genuine relationship with Our Lord, rather than some false, ego-maniacal, capitalistic ministry.

Open hearts, Open doors, Open minds. It is an invitation to many. It applies to people escaping the W-F movements. You're welcome here. At least that's my way of thinking.

The Internet is our parish.


greg hazelrig said...

These are not only false prophets in healing, they're teaching that you can get anything you want instead of what you need. And they're making a profit out of it as well. I cannot stand this prosperity gospel garbage. They used to stone false prophets. I'd suggest doing it today, but Jesus says that the first stone thrower must be the one without sin. OOps. That leaves me out.

Oh Well.

Brother Marty said...

You hit the nail on the head with the profiteering. Here's a fun challenge I give to folks caught up in the televangelist prosperity stuff:
Turn on your favorite tv preacher and turn down the volume. On another tv turn on an infomercial - like a Ronco Rotisserie one - and turn down the volume. Next, keep track of how many times and for how long each time, the screen changes to "here's how to order yours today".

greg hazelrig said...

That's funny!!

And Sad!!