Thursday, August 21, 2008

What of When the Healer Needs Healing?

Sunday night was a wonderful night for me. I have a hip problem and it has plagued me since June. I threw out my hip at Vacation Bible School when I was prompted to participate in a kickball competition. I kicked the ball like there was no tomorrow. I kicked it out of the park a few times and was on top of the world. Since then, my right hip has been giving me sheer hell.

After a few months of waking up in the night screaming in pain, my wife said that I should have the people of the church I pastor to pray for me. It was humbling. I asked for them to pray for me, and lay hands upon me in the name of Christ. The love was overwhelming.

That night and the day after I had no symptoms of the ailment that had afflicted me. The next day, Tuesday, I was in pain. I asked God to take me to that place where the love was so strong and fervent..and the pain went away. It was miraculous. So I continue in that same way, to recapture the love that was shown to me that night, and at every attempt to recapture it...the pain goes away.

How powerful is the love of Christ? We challenge it and refrain from it...but the power of Christ's love is a mountain that cannot be moved. When we go to Him, in humility, He washes away our pains and sufferings, and makes us new creatures in Him. I'm a new creature in Him, today!