Saturday, January 13, 2007

We're Taking the Plunge into Contemplative Prayer

At our Wednesday night communion service I introduced the 11 people there to Lectio Divina prayer. Five shared their revelations from the scripture. There was a sparkle in their eyes as each related what that particular scripture passage meant to them. I consider that sufficient positive response to start a contemplative prayer service at our church.

Our pastor is enthusiastic about it and will give me some pulpit time in the morning to make the invitation. Mind you, we are an older congregation, but older doesn't always mean "stuck in our ways". I'm hopeful that some of our more senior, as well as those younger members, will join in.

If you read this...please pray for us, that we'll grow as a congregation to know the deeper revelation of Christ through this prayer service.

Thank you,
Brother Marty

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gavoweb said...

nice! i had similar reactions with my group of adult youth workers at various trainings