Saturday, September 29, 2007

Someone Close to Me

Someone close to me has been diagnosed with a very bad tumor on his brain. Someone close to me has said that he is a willing soul for healing prayer. Someone close to me is closer than ever before because he wants to put the love of Christ first and foremost in his life, rather than himself.
Someone close to me wants to be close to the one I love...Jesus.

It is so sad that terrible life situations are what is necessary for a drawing close to Our Lord...yet...I'm grateful that these difficult times work wondrously in the souls of our brothers and sisters. I'm ever-so-grateful, Lord, that you are here for us.

I lift up your glory, your love, your mercy and your grace, Lord. I lift them up because we are such sinners yet you love us. I pray that your mercy and grace abound in the situation I lift up to you, and I thank you for the crumbs under the table. Let us all feast upon the crumbs.

I love you, Jesus.


Monday, September 17, 2007

When 2 or 3 or More are Gathered in His Name

I'm ever-so-humbled to have been a part of the prayer team last night at a healing service held at a local United Methodist church. The congregation is very conservative and this type of service is only the second one they've held since their new pastor's assignment began there last June. Prior to his appointment they had not ever held a healing service.

In the time prior to starting the service there were strange looks on the faces of those in the sanctuary. Some looked skeptical, others anxious. After the wonderful hymns were sung, a brief sermon delivered, then the blessing of the anointing of the oil, it was time for the healing prayer to begin. Nobody immediately came forward. After a minute or two, a man came forward for healing of his memory. We prayed for him, with our hands laid upon him, anointed him with oil, and all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in that moment. When finished, he stood up, beaming with a radiant smile, and went back to his pew. Then another came for healing of his vision. Then another for arthritis and a yearning for a more spiritual relationship with God. Then another with a back problem. Then another, then another and yet another.

I had not looked at the others on the prayer team until we were praying for the last person. I looked and saw tears of love on the faces of everyone there. As the pastor was closing the service, he was moved to share that he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a powerful way. I could hardly stand. With the service closed, two more people approached the pastor for healing prayer. As I noticed the pastor praying over them I moved through the congregation to join in. It was powerful.

Each person prayed for expressed joy and an improvement in their situation. One woman sought me out for a hug. We cried together with optimism that God touched her in her situation. She said that she wanted to keep feeling the way she felt right then when she went home and from then on.

I share this in the hope that someone may come to initiate a healing service or ministry in their church...where perhaps there has been none in the past. There is an awakening of the spirit in people who attend...those who do the praying...and in the body of Christ at large. When we step out of our comfort zone and invite the presence of Our Lord, with 2 or 3 or more gathered in His name...He comes!