Saturday, January 06, 2007

Do You Have Your "Beer Goggles" On?

Funny how when you're under the influence of something you see the world as others don't. The country song about the man having his "beer goggles" on makes a very profound theological statement, in a back-handed way. You see, he sees everything from the perspective of being under the influence. He thinks things are possible that others don't readily agree with. He thinks he can sing when he can't. He thinks he's on top of the world, when he isn't.

Mark 6:5 tells us that Jesus could do no miracles in his home town. Why is that? These people knew Jesus from when he was a child. They knew his family and knew more about him than any of the people Jesus would encounter in his ministry. You see, the Nazarenes didn't have their "beer goggles" on. They only saw Jesus the man. They didn't see Jesus-God.

In the healing ministry it is necessary to have our "Holy Spirit" goggles on. And when we're fully under the influence, we see things that other people don't. Things happen that otherwise wouldn't. We see miracles happen that others don't. That is, unless the others have their "Holy Spirit" goggles on as well.

Do you have your "Holy Spirit" goggles on? If not....let me tell you a story about when God came to earth...let me tell you about Jesus. You see, it started like this.......


revabi said...

Just what do the Holy Spirit Goggles look like? I might like to have a pair for myself.

Brother Marty said...

No different than the goggles you use every Sunday, dear friend, when you ask the Holy Spirit to step in where the speaker may fall short. ( rarely fall short)