Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is a Methodist?

In the past week I had occasion to speak with a Roman Catholic regarding what a United Methodist is. In this same past week, I had occasion to speak with a Baptist about what a United Methodist is. Today I came to the conclusion someone once shared and I burst out laughing when I recalled it.

Don't know who said it, but thanks for putting it so well:

"A Methodist is too Catholic to be a Baptist, and too Baptist to be a Catholic"

That sums it up...yea...right!

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revabi said...

Marty, we are Anglican.

I have some brochures written by a friend of mine that are very helpful for Catholics and baptists.
We used them at Aldersgate.

I more used the Baptist ones in Wadley.

Haven't had an opportunity here yet. I need one that is about the Church of Christ.