Thursday, January 11, 2007

It is My New Years Resolution to Blog Daily

With that said, I offer up my daily perspectives of a walk with Christ.

I'm a member of a weekly bible discussion group, that meets at 6am on Thursdays. Today, we didn't get to our study, as everyone had something personal to share. It was uplifting. We didn't focus on the lesson from "A Purpose Driven Life". As I shared an interview with Rick Warren, given by a relative who is a member of that church. It was wonderful to learn that he has given back his entire salary from day one, to the church he founded. I'm in a position of wonder for his purpose. I'm taken aback by my loathesome perspectives of his position on many things. I feel like I know him better.
Rick Warren is a man of God. We may hold him in contempt, but we fail to understand his walk with our Lord. We fail to see his humanity. I'm personally, moved.
In Christ I pray that some come to understand.


gavin richardson said...

i'm not a fan of his written works, but i will find myself a fan when i hear him verbally share his perspective.

Brother Marty said...

Do you happen to have a date when you will hear him personally? Just curious.
I hope to catch him whenever he speaks in the Atlanta/Birmingham metro areas.