Friday, January 12, 2007

A Methodist Pastor Who Heals

At our cluster charge conference for 2005 I met a pastor of a congregation in very rural Alabama. I was tipped off that he was into the healing ministry. His church has a healing service every third Thursday, and the community has grown to acknowledge it's presence. I engaged him in conversation and he was like a kid in a candy store, relating the following experience to me.

He had gone to visit one of the shut-in's in his congregation. When he knocked on the door, she opened the door and said, "You are sent here for me". He was somewhat bumfuzzled (who wouldn't be) and she said, you need to heal me. He invited her to come to the monthly healing service but she insisted that he put his hands upon her then and there. He told me that it was amazing! He said: "I don't know or think that this is proper...but if you insist....ok". He related that when he put his hand on her abdomen, he prayed, and he felt a heat, and was assured that she was recieving the healing mercies of the Holy Spirit. She broke down and cried, and said a word of thanks.

This pastor shared his astonishment that he'd never before felt heat in his hands but at that time, with that person, the work of the Holy Spirit was awesome. She was healed!

Is this "country bumpkin stuff" or is it real?

I believe.

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