Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Charlatans Make Healing Look Bad

A friend recently got all abuzz about the church his wife finally got him to start going to. He tells me how amazing this pastor is, how he heals people right there during the service. This, naturally, got ME intrigued. He gave account after account of the healings that take place every week. So, he told me the name of the church and I Googled it. Long story short...he's a Benny Hinn clone. In fact, when I googled his name, turns out that he was an integral part of Benny Hinn crusuades - part of the team!

The website had previous services available for streaming video so I queued it up on another PC and let it run. The last half hour was one looong praise song that had the "audience" mesmerized. Then came the healing. The preacher said that God told him when he walked into the service that he would bring divine healing to a man who is balding and wears glasses. One in the 3rd row from the back (ok...maybe it was the 4th row...) and the camera zoomed in on the guy. The preacher commences to announce that God will heal him. He told the man that he was in need of a healing...isn't that so? Here I am, watching this guy get a confused look and shake his head "no". But does that stop the preacher. No way. He commences to tell him that God is healing him right then and there. Then he goes on to praise God for His wonderful healing mercy.

THE GUY INDICATED NOTHING WAS NEEDING HEALED! Yet, this charismatic preacher didn't skip a beat. The sad thing is that it was probably only the camera that caught it, because everyone joined right in with praising God.

Don't you just want to tell people to wake up and smell the coffee?

I'll get over this...eventually.

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