Wednesday, January 03, 2007

God Leads - We Follow

On New Years Day I walked into our local WalMart and was greeted by the "greeter". You know the employee of which I speak. This "greeter" is wrecked with pain and stays crouched over all the time. She looked at me as I walked in and smiled...then I butt in with "Hi! Happy New Year". Next I walked about 10 to 15 feet then just turned around and walked up to her and bent over and hugged her. I stood there afterwards just looking at her. She stood up straight and told me that she had a bad back. I told her that I felt rediculous parking in the handicapped parking place and walking in with a little limp. I said that I saw her and was overcome with guilt. I stood there next to her for about 30 seconds, quietly, looking at each other occasionally, then I walked away.

All I know is this: I went to WalMart to buy some stuff we needed. After walking in, "something" brought me back to the lady that was greeting everyone. I've never hugged the greeter at WalMart before...but on Monday, I did.

She stood up straight when talking to me, smiling as she spoke. It was awkward. Again, after about 30 seconds I walked away. If that act brought only a minute of relief, then I'm happy that God used me for that that time.

Miracles happen every day...if only we look for them.

Brother Marty

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