Tuesday, March 06, 2007

There's a New Guy in Town

Eight days ago we held a healing service in our church. Eight days ago, 10 people's lives were changed. Eight days ago, the very presence of the Holy Spirit was in a little church, in a little town, but in a big way!

One man was specially touched by the presence of God amongst us. One man, as a result of that night, is the "new guy in town". Praise God! I saw him today for the first time since the service and his face was aglow...filled with glory.

I've shared in previous posts that I never, ever ask if anyone experiences a physical healing in the services (who am I to give God a report card?). But I've learned that his testimony Sunday in his home church spoke to a spiritual healing. Spoke powerfully. And this morning when I saw him, I was blessed for the day by his demeanor and loving expression. Again...praise God.

Word may make it my way as to his medical state (he suffers from prostate cancer and lung disease), but I shall not solicit it. God works as He sees fit, and if spiritual renewal is the healing that was delivered...and nothing else...praise God! He does work in mysterioius ways...doesn't He?

Oh...I forgot to mention that the other new guy in town (really, new to the area) came to the service to help in the intercession for all. OK...so there's two new guys in town, but I like the story about the old/new guy more.

Can't say it enough....Praise God!

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