Sunday, March 18, 2007

H.O.T.S. - Healing On The Streets

For the past month I've been following the emergent practice of Healing On The Streets as a ministry of this church:

Causeway Coast Vineyard
the Vineyard Centre
12-14 The Diamond
County Londonderry
BT55 7AA

These are bold Christians taking the love of Christ to the streets. Believe it or not, I'm trying to find some streets here in Alabama where we could do the same. Unfortunately, in this "Walmart-Age" there are few quaint shopping areas to find locally for this type of ministry. So, guess I'm going to plead my case to the local Walmart and see if they bite.

Here's a link to follow, complete with testimonies from the healers:

Whether conservative or liberal in one's approach to the love of God, through Jesus Christ, do you have a problem with this type of ministry? I don't...but, duh, this is a blog about healing. But what of YOU?

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Mark H said...

Hi Marty!

You know how I feel :-D

I just think that whatever God has trusted us with, we need to take it to people. We're starting with HOTS in my home town, we're currently planning Street Pastors and I have a desire to do prophetic evangelism too. Keep an eye on our website that we created specifically for this topic.

My personal experience is that people don't want to come to church, no matter how many gimmicks we use to try to make it look attractive, but when WE TAKE the tangible love of God TO THEM then something wakes up in their spirit and they become HUNGRY.

Jesus sent his disciples OUT. He didn't set-up a building for them and invite people in. The parable of the wedding banquet tells us to go into the streets and invite people to the feast. More recently, I've realised how ridiculous it would be for labourers to remain in the barn instead of getting out into the fields.

So whatever God has trusted you with - be it healing or prophecy, or simple love and compassion - take it to somebody! He who is faithful with little will be trusted with much.

Marty: thanks for all your prayers and for everything you write on this blog. I feel like you're a good friend. We're praying with you.