Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Vegas Baby - What Did I Expect?

Tuesday through Thursday I was in Las Vegas on business. Long days, long nights, and lots of activity. This disruption to the norm presented a challenge to spend time in prayer. I managed to work in a morning devotional, but the time for other regular prayer time seemed to get lost. We did get some funny looks while asking the blessing for our food at Roxies restaurant in the Stratosphere.

My work involved manning a booth at a pizza convention. Our booth was positioned right next to a wine distributor's. By the end of each day they were having to refuse any more free tastings to a couple of people who managed to get schlocked at all the free beer and wine booths. Then there were the prospects who came to our booth. Most were fine people, cordial in their conversations...but then there were the ones who cussed like sailors. They said "#@#&%@" as naturally as I would say "good morning". I think I managed to sign up a few of them but it's beyond me how. Every time they would cuss I'd have a mental moment where my mind was saying OUCH - STOP THAT! Lord I lead a sheltered life!

What I found to be most uncomfortable was that even the staff at one of those "no prices on the menu" places cussed as a normal part of doing their job. For example, when asking about one of then entrees the waiter said that most of the staff think that the distributor they get it from puts out typically sh** product and he couldn't understand why the chef chooses to buy from them.

When waiting for our 10pm flight back I noticed a woman who seemed to be praying. Of all the people there, she was the only one I saw with her hands folded, eyes shut, and head bowed. In fact, that was the first time on the entire trip where I'd noticed anybody praying. My wife and I got to our seats and nobody was in the seat next to us. As the last few passengers got on board, the praying lady took the seat next to my wife. The three of us couldn't be a better match for the 4 hour flight home. We talked about God, love of family, and the need to sleep. Three-and-a-half hours later, time to wake up and head home. Thank you, Lord, for a great end to a challenging adventure. Amen.

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