Monday, March 05, 2007

Afraid of The Holy Ghost

In all candor, I ask: Is the Holy Spirit alive and well in our churches today? Do we even make room for It in our worship? Bishop Will Willimon recently quipped that we organize our worship such that we "use Robert's Rules of Order to keep the church safe from the Holy Spirit." Is every moment of worship so tightly bound to the next that there's no room for the very presence of God?

Do we, in our order of worship, ever ask God to be present, then quietly await His response to the invitation? In our personal prayer lives, do we ask God to be with us, then quietly await His response to our invitation? Why are we so uncomfortable with quietly waiting?

All leaders, whether Sunday school teachers or preachers, should budget the time and stillness to listen for the response to the invitation given for God to grace us with His presence. It is in the quietness that hearts are changed, eyes are opened, and true worship begins.

Frankly, I believe people are afraid of the Holy Spirit. We are afraid of handing over control. We are afraid that spirit may override intellect. We're afraid that something unanticipated may occur. We're afraid of ghosts....even the Holy Ghost!

When Jesus left his disciples he told them not to worry because he would send them the Great Comforter, and through the Holy Spirit they would do things even greater than He. Too many of us unwittingly believe that the Holy Spirit died with the apostles. If not, then why aren't we opening up the doors of our churches and our hearts and saying..."C'mon in"?

Holy Spirit...c'mon in.


smkyqtzxtl said...

I am not afraid of the Holy Ghost but most of the people I worship with are. Thank you for speaking out about this. Praise God the Bishop in your conference recognizes this is an issue. There is a flame on our denominational logo....hummmmm.

Brother Marty said...

Thank you, smkygtzxtl (did I say that right?)
All praise and worship goes to God Almighty..BUT..through the Holy Jesus Name.
Thanks again for your input.