Sunday, March 04, 2007

Does Your Church Have an Evangelism Committee?

Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if any of the churches represented here, at the Methoblog, have a committee on evangelism. Do they report to your administrative council meetings with the latest they've been doing? Please tell.


David said...

I have to say that when I arrived at Del Rosa UMC we had one that had not met in two years.I disbanded the committee with the Lay Leadership Committee, Ad Council and Charge Conference aprroval with the understanding that as long as we had a committee to do the work, the rest of the congregation would get the impression they could take a "pass" on the work of evangelism.
Since then we have started some programs that take up the evangelism in small ways, and still have more work to do. (We developed an annual carnival free to the community, and a small "cross in my pocket" campaign to give away 10,000 "cross in my pocket" poems with an enclosed cross this year. Already we are ordering our 10,000th crosses, just two months into the year - though we did start two months early too.

greg hazelrig said...

We had Nurture and Outreach and Witness chairs when I got here. The Witness chair is what I see as evangelism. But there was no real evangelism going on.

I have since formed a ministry team. The Nurture and Outreach and Witness chairs are on it as are a few others that I selected. We discuss the ministries of the church and possible new ministries. We report to the church council, but don't have to have their approval on ministries, just where a lot of money is involved.

We are working on a soup kitchen mission right now, but the next step is to start up some servant evangelism ideas. I also plan to teach a class on servant evangelism and evangelism in today's world...the do's and don'ts sort of speak.