Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Morning on a Mission

A week ago I woke up on a mission. Earlier in the morning I was awoken with a vision. I saw a woman cut open from head to toe, and outstretched hand to hand, with bright white light emanating from her entire body. That is, except for the dark spots that shielded the light in different parts of her body. I've had these visions before. They tell me that someone needs healing prayer. It wasn't a comfortable vision and I went back to sleep hoping that it would go away. When the alarm went off, I arose with the same vision.

During our morning devotional I shared this vision with my wife. She said, "God will lead you to who it is that he wants to use you for His healing". As I left for work I stopped at the place in the woods where I have my private prayer every morning and sought discernment. I tried to think of what woman I knew of who needed healing prayer and I thought I had it figured out. NOPE. The moment I walked into my office the first thing one of my associates said was that a neighboring business owner had a migraine and that I needed to pray for her. HOLY SMOKES! This does not happen every fact it had never happened before. I immediately went to that person's business and we prayed and thanked God for His healing. Two days later I had occasion to see the woman and she gave her testimony. She said that she started feeling better the moment we finished praying and that by the end of the day she was operating on "all cylinders" as she put it. She went on to say that she'd been coping with that headache for over a week and it hadn't come back since we prayed.

My prayer is that God does this more often, as I relish every opportunity to stop and acknowledge His greatness with fellow believers. In the process, my hope is that it will bring non-believers to Christ.

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