Thursday, June 05, 2008

She Said NO

Today I got my breakfast from where I usually get my breakfast. The cashier had smashed her thumb under the cash register and broken a bone. Her cast was off and she appeared to be healing. I asked..."How's your thumb?". She said that it was hurting and that arthritis had settled into it and it was very painful. I asked if I could hold her thumb and she said, "NO". I didn't elaborate on how I'm into the healing ministry...I just asked if I could hold it. She said no. How sad, as I was moved to hold her and minister healing prayer to her. But she said no.

How often do we make efforts to bring Christ into the lives of those around us who need His love? How often do we try to minister to those in need? I felt rejection, as I felt Christ's rejection when He gave his all for us. I know...I'm just me, but it imprinted upon my brain the rejection of love. Of Christlike love. I just wanted to pray over her...but she said "NO". So now I'm convicted to ask her again, tomorrow, and again...the next day, to let me hold her thumb. may seem "out there" to some, but I'm convicted that if she lets me hold her hand and pray...she will be better. All glory to God! Those in this ministry are nothing without the love of God. I'll persist until she gives in or asks somebody else to take my order. ( their sausage biscuits...mine with double sausage and mustard....yumm). God'll get her someday...and I pray it will be because of her thumb. Just a thought.

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