Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Neophyte in Ministry - DUH!!

Anybody ever been caught off guard and propelled into situations where you thought you were unprepared? I thought that. Really. But not now. I've put "myself" in the back seat for a ride that only the Holy Spirit can drive. I look up and see glimpses of what it is all about....but only glimpses. When I ask..."what shall I do in this situation"....I'm assured that I should sit in the back and let the Holy Spirit drive. OK...I'm in for the trip!

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to pray for someone. She and I instantly became brother and sister in Christ. She suffers from migraines and physical malaise that accompanies it. God put it on me to pray for her and I was uplifted from the experience. I hope she was. But it was for ME that her malady came to my attention. I was moved to take time off of work and do something of God. And ya know what? I was lifted. My sincere prayer is that she was lifted as well. I know that she hugged me and assured me that God was with her...and me at the time of prayer. WOW!

I ask people of God if they recognize when the Holy Spirit is overwhelming them. Some say they have a flitter in the eyes...others say they have a flush feeling....for me...my toes contract uncontrollably. Today...while praying with my friend, my toes contracted uncontrollably. Not me...the Holy Spirit was in charge.

This is personal stuff but I think it is universal as well. Does God touch you in a special way when you are overcome by His presence through the Holy Spirit? Just wondering.

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