Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teens and Contemporary Worship

Tonight I had an opportunity to share with teenagers the love of Christ. We were talking about how and if we hear God talking to us, and I shared that while praying after the worship music that God touched my heart and revealed to me that I should love everyone who was nobody was there against their will. To my surprise, when I shared that God spoke to me, inquiring minds wanted to know what God sounded like. I believe that in sharing that experience with the kids some were moved to listen to that quiet voice, discounting it as not being mere conscience...but the actual voice of God. A few hung around afterwards sharing how they thought they were nuts thinking they heard God telling them to do this or that...or refrain from things. It was awesome. I found myself cultivating a new, deep love for fellow worshipers, regardless of age. It was too cool.

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