Monday, July 14, 2008

A year later...the river is still wonderful

It's been about a year since I posted about swimming in the river. But, darn's worth posting about again. Today I walked to the river. Our river is one of the cleanest in the entire USA. There were no canoes, kayaks or otherwise travelers on the river. I walked down (about 100 yards from the house) and looked upstream and downstream...and saw nobody. I took off my clothes and jumped in. Normally I'd wear shoes or something to protect my feet, but today I didn't. From the top of my head to the heels of my feet it was wonderful!

There is a mystic comfort that comes from being totally washed by nature...AKA...God's revelation to us all. Today, I was washed. My swimming was like a baptism. Does that make any sense? I was one with the creator...and one with one of the elements of this earth...water. I only wish that others could feel this wonderful presence of God's love for this part of His creation. I felt at one with it...I felt at one with Him.

The lack of gravity...the lack of burdens...the lack of anything worldly is what God has for us who dwell deeply in His nature. Be it a walk in the woods...or a dive into the lakes, oceans, or it and embrace it. There's no telling what will be revealed! God is love...and nature is love made manifest.


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