Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reflections on Death as the Ultimate Healing

In the past month I've come to have to deal with death in a manner in which I was not prepared. In one situation, a young boy died from a brain tumor...in the other, one who's time had come. I can deal with both emotionally...but it is the "intellectually" thing that somewhat disturbs me. That is, until I come to realize that death is the ultimate healing for some. In the cases mentioned above, it was just that. Today I spoke with the recent widow of a man in my newly appointed church and she volunteered that her children had come back to support her in this difficult time. She said that they have never been united before, but now they are...and God orchestrated these events to bring the family closer together. There is a love amongst family members that never materialized before now. That is a healing!

In the other, I can only speculate based upon what others have told me. But I was there for the healing services for the young boy. I held him, prayed for him, and shared that it is the love of God that manifests itself in trying times. Reported to me is that the family has congealed, and become one...for the first time. What a tragic catalyst for this to happen...but happen it has.

So, in venting these situations, I become more in tune with the fact that my will, our will, is not God's will. May we be always subservient to God's will.

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