Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stepping into the Unknown

My first official week into my first real appointment in the Methodist faith and I have a funeral to conduct. On the one hand, awkward, on the other, a blessing. I had the privilege of meeting the person who has since deceased in the week prior to my appointment becoming official. He, and his family, touched me and my wife in a very deep and sincere way. Now, being the new pastor at the deceased's church it is in my hands to conduct a funeral....but without a body. He donated his body to science.

I lift up this situation as I cannot find in the "Pastor's Pocket Edition" of the Book of Worship for a situation such as this. Perhaps in the full Book of Worship there is a liturgy for this type of occasion...but I wouldn't know as I do not possess one. Is there any help anyone can provide that may give me an assist in this situation? I'm leaning towards the "Family hour or wake" section of Services of death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit will provide, but if someone can provide some helps it would be appreciated.

On a personal note, I can't think of a better way to be brought into a body of believers than to be there to be a spiritual guide in difficult times. I'm truly blessed, humbled, and wanting to serve in the highest possible way. Thank you in advance.

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