Friday, June 13, 2008

When God Shows HIS Will to be HIS

I pray for people regularly. I touch them, pray for them, and move on. I constantly seek God's will in each and every situation. Today, a boy for whom I prayed for healing was buried. He died from a cancerous brain tumor which could not be stopped by prayer nor medicine. He was the recipient of the "Make a Wish" foundation in his last days and visited the beaches of Puerto Rico. He was buried today. God challenges us all.

I entertain the notion of questioning God's will when an innocent dies after much prayer and supplication. I entertain it. But when all is said and done, I do not know God's will, so I cannot question it. I merely submit.

A very young man, age 11, was taken to be in God's glory a few days ago. Today we buried what was left of him. I do not question...while I entertain the notion of questioning....I merely submit.

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