Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Told the DS...Yes!

Don't know where, or when, but I'll be appointed as a local lay pastor at some UMC church soon. My District Superintendent asked me if I would be willing to pastor a local church, on a temporary basis. After a week of praying about it, I wrote him to say, yes, I'll pastor a local church.

This isn't something that an otherwise gainfully employed person would want. I am self-employed and don't have the liberties of driving 100 miles in the middle of the day to be with a member who is going through surgery. I struggle with the ministerial aspects of pastoring a church.

But, I'll be there, as I can, and give a glimpse of sunshine in difficult times. There is sunshine in following Jesus Christ. Blinding at times...relieving at times...there is sunshine in following Jesus Christ.


Art said...

I struggle with that idea too. I'm glad you said "yes"... I don't know that I would have. Regardless, prayers for you in this adventure!

Mark H said...

The adventure begins :-)

Juggling time is a biggy. Sometimes we just have to be led by the heart and trust God in the details.

I have my own business in partnership with a friend, in addition to leading a small church on a voluntary basis and co-ordinating some across-churches initiatives, also voluntary at present - and in addition to wanting to make opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus to others at evenings and weekends.

It's not always easy to get the balance right. I have sometimes missed deadlines. I have sometimes got the balance wrong and needed to take a step back and adjust. Income is often tight. But God is always good :-)

I'm thrilled that you said "yes" and I'll be praying - feel free to get in touch if anything needs specific prayer.

TN Rambler said...

The adventure begins. Praying for you and your new ministry.

greg hazelrig said...

You'll be a great pastor. The key is to love them. That can make up for a multitude of mistakes. If anyone should know that, it's me. :)

Brother Marty said...

Thank you for your prayers. As I said, I've resisted for years, but now, I have a yearning. Funny, but the healing ministry has changed my heart. When God opened my heart to praying for others, He gradually opened my heart for ministering to others...multiple others.

Yes, I know it will be a juggling act, but I juggle pretty well (with eggs, at least) and am confident that where I may fall short, Holy Spirit will enter into the situation.

It may not come about, but I was asked on a "contingency" basis. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be where a student pastor has been having to drive 150 miles each Sunday to be at the church he is charged to pastor. But, only the DS will tell me where it is and on what conditions. I've been a guest preacher there twice, and have had to find someone else to deliver the message there twice in the last six months. If it looks, smells and tastes like an orphaned church, I think it might be just that.

Will keep you posted.