Monday, October 29, 2007

The Look in Their Eyes

There's something about looking in the eyes of believers. The eyes are the windows to our souls and looking into the eyes of someone while praying for them is awesome. Most people, most of the time, close their eyes while in prayer. Last night after praying for healing for 3 women, I spoke with each one individually afterwards and the look in their eyes was overwhelming. Such peace. Such joy. Such radiance.

At times, when I'm the minister for the healing service, I look into the eyes of the person seeking healing while I pray for them. That wasn't the case last night as I was part of the prayer team, following the lead of the pastor. But on those occasions where I'm the leader, and God so directs me, I look into their eyes while praying for them. When I do this as led, I witness a metamorphosis, like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. It is nothing short of awesome. Awe at witnessing the presence of the Holy Spirit entering into the physical being of the one seeking healing. Awe at seeing the peace that comes only after turning over everything to The Lord. Awe at seeing a 50 year old tormented with pain transform into what looks like an 8 year old trusting in God without reservation. Awe-some.

God breaks down barriers when we pray to him earnestly. There's something truly genuine when one leads another in prayer, while looking into their eyes. It is both humbling and empowering at the same time. I pray to be led more often to witness this wonderful change in people as I'm called to look into their eyes.


Given55 said...

Never a good idea to close your eyes. You may miss what God is doing. I enjoy your postings

Brother Marty said...

Thank you for the kind comments, given55, as I'm often subjugated to the role of a bystander when God enters into the situation. I'm awed...totally awed.

I hope to keep my eyes open more often, so as to not miss what God is doing.

And thank you for your well-wishings, I hope to keep this blog informative in the matters that we don't often illuminate. 'Taint always easy.

Mark H said...

We teach people to pray on the streets without all the habits formed within the church - that includes closed eyes!

When our mouths are flapping (aka praying) the other party looks at our face. We need to look at them too. We "connect" and in so doing they connect with the same Jesus that we're connected with. Sometimes a connection has been all that's required for someone to receive healing! No words spoken!

I remember ministering to a man with gout in one leg (on the streets). I knew he would be healed when I looked into his eyes. I don't think the man's demeanour had changed, but it was when I looked into his eyes that I knew with no doubt whatsover what God was about to do. I commanded gout to leave and asked the man to check it out.

My wife had a similar experience with a lady with an arthritic hand. She held her hand and looked into her eyes. She was about to speak authority against the arthritis, when both of them felt the heat of Jesus' touch in their hands and the woman was healed.

I don't pray the same in church any more now either. Two people sat with eyes screwed up may be striving to individually connect with God, but they're not connecting with God together and hence entering into a prayer of agreement. IMHO anyway.

Brother Marty said...

Thanks for sharing. It is really inspiring to see the power of prayer in healing. I'm growing in intimacy with other believers as I pray with them, with eyes open. A few years ago I would never imagine praying this way. Now, as God so moves me, I increasingly acknowledge the unique work of the Father in each individual situation. He leads, I follow.