Friday, October 26, 2007

Catholic aka Universal Spirit

I often wonder how some fail to see the the universal aspect of the catholic spirit. Catholic means, universal. All Christians are catholic in this regard. We all share a universal spirit in our relationship with Christ. It baffles me that some are hung up on this term.

Catholics...that is, Roman Catholics, say the same creed as we Protestants do. They tend to think that their saying it is special...but it isn't. We're all (all Christians) subject to the works of the early church and subjects of the love of Jesus. We all crown Jesus king of our salvation. Some just need priests to intervene. That's not the Protestant belief....but who are we to judge.

The Levite's were appointed as priests for the uninitiated...but Jesus didn't come for the initiated...only the uninitiated. He said that he wasn't here for the righteous...but the others. That's where you and I come in. He came for us. We have a direct path to Him. Tuff stuff for someone indoctrinated in RC discipline to accept, but it's true.

I'll get off my former Roman Catholic high horse for now, but I feel I must address this notion about the position of the priesthood. Jesus is MY priest. Is he yours...or do you need someone to intervene on your behalf? I protest to that notion...guess that makes me a Protestant. How about you?

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