Friday, October 26, 2007

New Praise and Worship Service

I have to share how one member of our church (one that is mostly retirees) expressed a desire to her work peers about the possibility of having a praise and worship service. With some shared desire among congregants, it looks like it may come to fruition. Admittedly, we are a small church in a small community, but we have hundreds of youth in the area who are seeking something contemporary. We're going to do it!

It is an interdenominational service, hosted by our church. There are people from different denominations in positions of leadership in this venture, but I've been asked to work with the praise band of choice, and coordinate everything with their leader. It is awesome.

There is such a heart in our community to reach out to the youth, that it is unbelievable. I pray that my messages in this service, as well as my defaulting to the leadership of the worship leader, will glean new souls for Christ. I'm kinda....on the back burner for this one. But will serve where asked. In a nutshell, I'm excited.

Please keep us in prayer as we step out, and try something different, and that it will be a success...for Christ.


Mark H said...

That's fantastic. Will be praying.

Brother Marty said...

We're working cautiously towards making this thing happen. Will update as info becomes available, but a BIG THANK YOU for your prayers. We need all the help we can get.