Friday, October 26, 2007

Living with Wolves

Eight years ago, we adopted an orphaned wolf. Since then, we've not been without a wolf or wolf-hybrid. It is an awesome thing. They are nature. The hybrids are as close to their natural heritage as their full blooded ancestors. Again, it is an awesome thing. We awake every morning to another kill at our porch door. We used to be squeamish about these things, but now, it is a natural part of our lives. We have a wolf hybrid in our family.

One can speculate about this or that regarding the survival of the fittest, but we are humbled by the fact that rodents and otherwise fallen prey are the fare of our little wolf. She is so beautiful. But at the same time, so terrible. But she is part of God's creation. We love her immensely. And she loves us. We are fortunate that we live over a mile from the next piece of civilization...and that is a far stretch for the most of the civilized world. Our neighbors don't mind our little critters ridding them of armadillo's and other troublesome creatures, but I truly dislike waking up in the morning to another carcass on the porch. It was a bit sad when a local fox and a local deer met such fates. But that is nature.

Our little wolf comes into the house, messes with the cats, but always goes out when told to. She is a blessing because she so much loves us, and shows it with tongue-bathes and yearnings to jump in our laps. She is one of a kind.

So, don't let those notions of wolves that we have all grown up with mess up your desire to be one with nature....let this testimony tell you that they can be wonderful friends. At least ours is a friend. And, more importantly, those humans who appear to be wolves, can be cajoled into trusting, and letting the love of Christ enter into their situations. Our wolves are decent spite of their nature. They love us and respect us. How about your wolves? (This post may be in outer space....but it was on my heart.)

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