Monday, October 08, 2007

A Reluctant Miracle

Last week I visited my cousin who was suffering from a sinus infection that had spread into her ear and was causing both pain and vertigo. It was a difficult situation for her and she lost her balance and fell more than three times. In fact, she was released from her job as an RN until she came back to herself. My wife and I took her a walker so that she could go from here to there without the fear of falling. I came to visit, and rendered my sorrow over her condition. But I was at a distance.

Yesterday, a week later, we visited again and God overwhelmed me with compassion for her condition. I looked to her, and asked if she was open to the healing comfort of Our Lord. She said Yes. I prayed for her. No, I prayed and held her, in a very special way, and she was healed. Yes, she was healed. She exclaimed...."the pain is gone"...I love Jesus!

I'm so neutral when Christ comes into the scene. It was Jesus who healed her. It was the very presence of Christ that made her whole. But I carry a burden.

I say, why, Jesus, didn't you enter in this situation before now. Why, Jesus, did she have to suffer for over a week with this malady? Why, Jesus, did it take this long? Why?

I walk away from this with the notion that God knows when, where, and how to provide healing. It was in His will that healing happened when and where it did.
I respectfully stand back and respect the timing of Our Lord. I respect.

Can, and will you, join me in this prayer:

Lord, give me the will, the determination, and the love to pray to you in these times of difficulties....even in the lives of those close to me. Give me strength. God, help me to respect your timing...and reconcile myself with it. In the name of Your son,
Jesus Christ, I pray....Amen.


Art said...

I prayed with you Marty. Amen!

Brother Marty said...

Thanks, Art, for your unison in prayer. Our Lord is a good God. Aren't we all awed by His presence? Thanks again for your prayer in unison with mine.
Your friend,