Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Pray for Wisdom

I was asked tonight to pastor a church. WOW, I've never been asked that before. It is a local church where I love the people there, as I've preached as a guest preacher twice before. Both times, I was well received.

In the United Methodist tradition, it is the District Superintendent who must fill pulpits. Tonight, I was asked by the DS to fill this position. Temporary, though it may be, it is a BIG STEP for me and my wife. She has never wanted to be a pastor's wife. I look to her for the answer to my prayers. Low and behold, she said, if you will pastor that church, I'll support you. Wow! I will do it.

So, with this said, Brother Marty may become Pastor Marty. It is an awesome thing I pray that God will lead me to do. My answers to the DS's request is down the road. I'll share when God speaks to me about it. I'm in prayer, and ask that if you read this, you will share in my prayer that it is God's will for me to be there, pastoring a church. I'd be what's called a local lay pastor, but I lift that position up as an honor to serve.

Dern...if you talk too much about Jesus, you become branded as a servant. I'm struggling, to live up to my calling........Marty


Sista Cala said...

"Dern" might be ok for bro.marty, but I don't think it is befitting a pastor marty. ;-)

Mark H said...

I think the question you have to ask is quite simple: has God made me to be a shepherd? Is this invitation an honouring of what God has made me to be?

I'm sure you know my views on the abuse of the word "pastor" to mean "lead elder" and not the Ephesians 4 God-given shepherd's heart, humility, servanthood and extra-ordinary capacity for love.

It would be a disaster if you'd been asked to fill some leadership role that happens to be called "pastor" because you were a Saul to the people, rather than because you are a David in God's heart. If you'd been asked because you were well known on the preaching circuit. If God had made you to be a preacher but not also a shepherd.

It doesn't matter if you feel inexperienced or daunted at the prospect (it would be an alarm bell to me if you didn't). But do you feel God's shepherd heart pounding within you whenever there's opportunity to help others, to nurture others, to protect and provide for others, and to guide others?

Only you know for sure. Pray about it and see if you have peace. But FWIW, your posts on your blog sure do look, smell and taste like shepherd to me! ;-)

TN Rambler said...

Praying for you as you seek God's will for you and your family in this situation.


Art said...

Praying for you Marty!

Brother Marty said...

Thank you everyone, for your comments and your prayers. I'm humbled and simultaneously encouraged. When my prayers have been answered I'll share on this blog what God has in store for me next. If I were to say I have an inkling, it is to accept the offer.

My ministry has been one on one...that is, personal. Pastoring a church is a bunch of one on one's. How I'll transition, I don't know, but if taking the appointment is what I'll do, I will have to find a way to make that happen.

Again, thank you for your prayers and comments. I'm weighing in on it all.

David said...

Love them, love God; and be sure not to forget yourself or your family.
My prayers go with you

greg hazelrig said...

I'm writing from Chicago via the free wireless internet in my motel room. This is great news. Know that I'm praying for you right now. I also wanted you to know that when my wife (who didn't want to be a pastor's wife either) accepted the calling, I knew it was valid. May God bless you in whatever way you decide to do ministry.