Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Believer in The Phillipines

Today I came across this blog and I was moved by the testimony given there. We all too often relegate healing to some time in the past, when it is here, now, for believers. I don't mean the believing nature of those needing healing, but for the belief's of those who minister healing in the name of Jesus. There's a big difference.

Believers who have the gift are challenged by their faith to administer healing. It is the faith of the healer that comes into question. I know this, as my faith has faltered and my healing has faltered along with it. But when I'm one with God, and totally succumbing to His will, miracles happen. Dang....why can't I be at one with Him all the time?

Are there others who fail to act when called upon who subsequently fail to deliver the mercy of God by virtue of their own inadequacies? Me? Guilty many times. But I'm working on that. Really, working on that.


flyawaynet said...

The phrase "Doing what you're doing" came to my mind while reading this post. You can still be sawing wood and hammering nails, but no longer be building a house. I can still be singing, and playing, and no longer be worshipping. That "falter" as you called it is tiresome. In worship services it holds me back from absolute worship because I fear going where no one else is going. And when I do that, I'm no longer doing what I'm doing.

Thank you for this post. It specificly spoke to me today.

Brother Marty said...

It is so true to me...and apparently so true to you. Thanks for sharing. I'm seeking Our Lord's intervention into my situation. May He come into yours.