Sunday, October 28, 2007

Local Healing Services in the UMC

For the past few months I've been attending the healing services of two FIRST UMC churches. It is an awesome thing that God has chosen these two pastors to work through for healing. I'm utterly awed.

The notion that God still works the miracle of healing in this day and age, and it is uplifted to the community of believers at these two churches, is unprecedented at these churches. But the pastors aren't without critics. Nonetheless, I lift up them up as examples of where our congregation needs to go in order to make the presence of the Holy Spirit more present in the lives of believers/congregantes more than ever before. I salute them!

Your church should consider such a move. It is wonderfully, spiritually, and emotionally moving. Putting your congregation ahead of yourself is a good thing. Step out, and welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit and miracles will happen...if only you reach out to them in the name of Jesus. Am I off-base appealing to clergy to make this happen? I don't know. But if one invites the Holy Spirit to present itself for healing, it is awesome how often that healing comes to pass. Miracles happen...if we only invite them to come. I saw a miracle tonight. I saw a miracle last week. I see miracles happen all the time. It is said that Albert Einstein once said that if you don't believe in miracles you'll never see one, but if you do believe in miracles you'll see them everywhere.

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