Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Followup to "Stinking Denominations"...Happy to be a Methodist

That's right. I'm happy to be a Methodist. I like the notion of open hearts, and open minds, and open doors. An ex-Catholic fits right nicely here. My questions about how Jesus paid the ultimate price for my sins are answered in the Methodist/Protestant doctrine. After all, we're just Catholics, twice removed, but with a Protestant slant. We have no priest, other than Jesus Christ. We have no orthodoxy other than the Word. We are His followers and are living out His instructed method of discipleship. Duh, we're Catholics...but they don't recognize it!
Anyhow, I'm happy to be a Untied Methodist. I carry the tradition of my Catholic upbringing to my faith. I don't know how many former Catholics there are in the Methodist world, but I salute you, as I know it has been difficult for you to your faith.


Art said...

I know several former Catholics who are now catholic Methodists;) Someone said, regarding the Universal Church, that if we have X number of marbles but we divide them into separate piles, we still have the same number of marbles. There is only one Church!

Brother Marty said...

When we say the Apostles Creed, I tend to get a little hung up on the "catholic and apostolic" phrase, but I'm getting over it. Frankly, I've never had a problem with it...just know some that do.

I think back to Wesley's sermon on the catholic spirit - aka - universal spirit. There is where I find a kindred spirit with all who choose to follow Him. Regardless of denomination.

Art said...

Marty - great point. I know a UM lady who refuses to say the AC simply because of the word "catholic". How I wish we could get over this!