Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Miracle Workers Are Only Temporary Vessels

Miracles happen. Those in the healing ministry acknowledge that and supplicate to Our Lord for miraculous healings. But there are those who take the position that if people can miraculously heal the sick, why aren't they going through the hospitals healing everyone. If it were only that simple.

Many physicians acknowledge that they don't heal anyone. If someone has a laceration, a physician can clean and treat the wound, but it is God who actually heals it. Yet, there are certain individuals who God works through, in His time and His way, and most importantly, for His purpose. On this topic, New Advent, the online Catholic Encyclopedia, explains the gift of miracles as follows:

This gift is not given to any created being as a permanent habit or quality of the soul. The power of effecting supernatural works such as miracles is the Divine Omnipotence, which cannot be communicated to either men or angels. The greatest thaumaturgus that ever appeared in this world
could not work miracles at will, neither had he any permanent gift of the kind abiding in his soul. The Apostles once asked
concerning a cure of demoniacal possession: "Why could we not cast
him out? Christ replied, this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting (Matt. xvii, 18 sqq.). Eliseus could not raise to life
the son of the Sunamitess with his staff.
The grace of miracles is therefore only a transient gift by which God moves a person to do something which issues in a wonderful

The word "thaumaturgus" translates to wonder worker. The greatest
"thaumaturgus" in history was St. Gregory of Neocaesarea who is commonly referred to as St. Gregory Thaumaturgus. When he was made bishop over Caesarea, there were but 17 people in the Christian community there. Throughout his ministry many miracles took place, all for one purpose: To spread the gospel and bring people to Christ. Upon his death, there were only 17 pagans in Caesarea. An overview of St. Gregory's life can be found here.

God chooses through whom He does His will and for what purpose. Some, at times, find themselves being vessels for the gifts of healing and miracles, but only at the discretion of the Holy Spirit, not the discretion of the individual.

Many who've been used by the Holy Spirit to bring about a healing by prayer or laying upon hands will testify that they did nothing extraordinary to bring it about. Nothing but pray and surrender to the Holy Spirit. Most in the healing ministry believe, like the doctors who clean and dress the wounds, they do what they do and acknowledge that it is only God who does the healing.


Art said...

Great post Marty. It's the same with prayer. Some folks pray fervently for something and when it doesn't happen, they assume God did not hear or did not answer their prayers. But God always hears and always answers - sometimes the answer is "no". As you said, it is always in His time and His way.

Brother Marty said...

It is humbling to be called into God's ministry of healing. Most in this calling will say...."why me?".
All pray that God will exercise His will when supplicated to do so by the administers of the service, but no...it is only in His time, and His way.
Thanks for the reply.