Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Do You Feel the Presence of The Holy Spirit?

Out of curiosity, does anyone ever feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? That is...when preaching, healing, or you ever feel that the Holy Spirit is more in control of the situation than you are?

I do. But that's just me. How about you?


Elsbeth said...

I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when praying with other people, in worship and in lithurgy for instance during communion.

Art said...

I feel it in the communion service often. Some may say that this is only an emotional response brought out by the ceremony and its meaning to me. I disagree.

There have also been a few times when I said something particularly appropriate or meaningful in a public setting (preaching, teaching, praying) and I later thought, "Where in the world did THAT come from?"

Didn't come from anywhere in the world, did it:)

Brother Marty said...

Thank you elsbeth for your comments. And Art...dittos to you.

It doesn't come from this world when we're possessed by the Holy Spirit, but some see that as some type of mental disorder. If having God present in our lives is a disorder...I'm all for it!
Whackingly yours......

Mark H said...

Um. Absolutely! I know that some people are suspicious or even afraid of things like drunkenness in Holy Spirit, but that's when our carnal inhibitions leave and He can do amazing things to touch the lives of others. I really can't minister very much without Him.

Deb said...

Hello -
Popping over after your visit to my blog...

You referenced Jim Cymbala's book... (Fresh Wind Fresh Fire) and I would only say that yes, I have read it (though it was a few years ago) and yes, I would love to see that FIRE break out on me and in me again. And in others who seek to truly experience the Presence in an empowering way. It is not for the casual "oh, let's have a feel good moment" but for a "I think I am ready - and I want You to change me." (big difference...)

There is definitely a difference in how/what/why I say/do/sing as I do. That is, if I am yielded. If I am resisting, then I miss something wonderful. And of course, I only realize that when I stop resisting and allow God's
Spirit to again re-direct me.

In the process? Experience joy and laughter. Sense peace and purposefulness. Know wisdom and knowlege. Express love. And burn away the dross.

Will try to drop in again - thanks for the comment.


Brother Marty said...

Mark h,
Our cultures may be different, but your reference to being "drunk in the Holy Spirit" crosses cultural borders! I've heard, "possessed" "slain" and other terms, but "drunk" is a great one!
Yep, at those times when I'm a mere bystander, I see myself as in an out of body experience, "drunk" with the Holy Spirit.
Thanks for sharing.

Brother Marty said...

Thank you for your comments...and for your visit. I, too, am challenged to live in the Spirit daily. But when I get ME out of the way, and let Him/Her (The Holy Spirit) take command, it is wonderous.

I say "her" because the Holy Spirit is often given feminine qualities. But, being genderless, I succumb to It's presence whenever I'm so humbly possessed.

Is that wierd to say I'm at times possessed? Hope not.

Mark H said...

"drunk in the Holy Spirit" refers to Acts 2:13-18

I love that God reveals himself to us, without us all needing the same terminology to comprehend it. "The Word" is not our own theology - it is Jesus.