Thursday, February 01, 2007

7 Miracles In One Day

Less than two weeks ago a day of miracles occurred at a major university hospital. To respect the privacy of all involved, no names will be mentioned. A surgeon did not perform surgeries on 7 patients because each one's medical condition had been miraculously healed. One of the people scheduled to have lung surgery to remove a tumor is from my local area. When she was being prepped for surgery and xrays were taken, the doctor discovered that the tumor was gone. Another person (the wife of a prominent UMC pastor) was prepped for surgery just to discover that the need for surgery was gone. That day, 5 more patients scheduled to have surgeries performed by this same surgeon were miraculously healed.

This surgeon is a spiritual person who prays with each of his patients prior to undergoing a procedure. I've come to know more about this day of miracles due to the UMC pastor's testimony. In addressing his congregation prior to his wife's scheduled surgery, he stated that he and his wife were no more special than anybody else in the Body of Christ, and asked that they pray for her and the doctor who would be performing the surgery.

God reveals his glory in magnificent ways. Could the thousands of people who prayed for the patients and the surgeon have had their prayers answered any more awesomely? I stand aback and look at this whole situation in pure wonder. Wonder at the manifestation our Our Lord's splendid intervention. I'm awed, indeed.


Sally said...

This is a wonderful testimony- and a sign of Gods miraculous healing presence with us. Thanks for sharing it.

greg hazelrig said...

What an Awesome story. Thanks.

Marty said...

It's so uplifting to encounter accounts of miracles such as these. And the more people share news of such events, the greater the likelihood that those who don't know Christ may desire to learn more.
Thank you for your comments!

Brother Marty said...

Yo Greg,
Thanks for your comments.
Awesome, indeed!