Friday, February 09, 2007

Bloggers: Google Analytics - Worth Checking Out

Do you ever wonder who came to your blog, from where? Do you ever wonder what word in your most recent post drew the most attention? For answers to these, and more questions, visit this G0ogle site:

It's remarkable what you will find. It is relatively easy to incorporate Google Analytics into your blog. Heck, even I could do it!

I find that there is a remarkably strong number of people who visit my blog from The Netherlands! Don't know why, but it's interesting to know.

Do you wonder who comes to your site, and from where? Google Analytics provides that info and much more. You may be comfortable subscribing to SiteMeter and others, but when there is an invisible, yet very comprensive, tool out there for you to use and grow from, it's worth checking out.

It is designed primarily for commercial sites, but it gives tons of info that a blogger will appreciate. So, at least give 'em a visit and you might find that it is a really cool alternative to other visible counters. Of course, if you're big on having visible counters on your site, that's ok. But this is worth looking into.


Deb said...

I was intrigued by this post and thought it would be interesting to use. So I signed myself up, only trouble is I am IGNORANT about all things HTML. so the directions once I had the *label* for my page were completely incomprehensible to me. So now I am wondering if you might tell me how to insert the label deal into my blog...

Brother Marty said...

I'm probably as ignorant as I just followed the instructions as best I could and found myself being the recipient of those wonderful stats.
If you use the new version of blogger, click on the "add page element" tab, and copy and paste the code where it suggests. That's about all the more help I can give. I'm probably not much help, but hopefully that will get you going in the right direction.

Deb said...

Thanks! you were right, I clicked on the add HTML or other code and cut and pasted and now it seems to be working. =)

Brother Marty said...

I'm glad the "magic" worked as well for you as it did for me! When you look at the executive overview page...and see the map with the little dots...notice how big the dots are around Nashville? Does that mean that Big Brother's watching? LOL!