Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gifts of The Holy Spirit

I have a hard time agreeing with those who talk about the cessation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Theologians debate whether the gifts ended with the age of the apostles. Specifically, they debate over "Temporary Sign Gifts" of miracles, healing, speaking in tongues and interpreting speaking in tongues. Scriptures tell of the great events where the Holy Spirit was at work in the early church. Once the bible was closed to any newer testaments, does that mean that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased? I think not.

I see those same gifts given to the apostles at work today in different people and in different situations. I don't think anybody is in continuous possession of the gifts, rather, at God's behest He intervenes in situations, sometimes miraculously. But God does seem to use certain people in one way, and others in a different way. And with some consistency.

I cannot attest to speaking in tongues, discernment, prophecy or other gifts. I'm in the healing ministry. I'm not walking around doing miracles at will...quite to the contrary. I've never done any kind of miracle...but God has. Prior to entering into this ministry there were times when I was asked to pray for someone who was ill...and I did. I believe that any Christian asked to pray for someone should, and would do so. A few years back, the results of me praying for people started yielding unexpected results. God started answering my prayers in visible, tangible, miraculous ways.

When God reveals himself right before your very eyes it is hard to deny Him. When he answers your prayer, then and there, it's like He's saying, "You did the right thing...keep it up". At least that's what I thought God was saying to me, enough times that I yielded and devoted myself to keeping it up as best I could discern. Towards that end, for the past few years I've studied scripture as never before, associated with others who have shared experiences, and deepened my prayer life. I'm beginning to slowly understand what God meant when he said "You did the right thing...keep it up". I think that could be termed a calling.

Do I have the gifts of healing and miracles? No. I just witness them. I don't have anything but deep compassion for those who are hurting and in need of grace and healing. I believe that in that compassion, God gives the gifts of healing and miracles as He sees fit.


John Wesley said...

Dear and Gentle Reader,

I would like to invite you to visit my humbly journal, as I start my tenure upon this continent. I have been elucidated by your musings and wish to make your most courteous acquaintance whist in the Americas.

I am most curious about the manner in which clergy conduct themselves in the colonies, as I am a newly arrived pastor and do not wish to offend the faithful and the savages. So prithee hense to my journal and let us hold each other accountable in our mutual love of Christ.

I remain God's most humble servant,

John Wesley

Marty said...

John Wesley,
Word of your arrival has been spreading throughout this part of the Americas. Hopefully we can find the opportunity for mutually beneficial conversations and discourses relating to our mutual love of Christ.
Brother Marty