Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wolves Part Two

We've been friends of wolves for a number of years. There was a wolf puppy den in a neighboring county where when the wolves were of age, they would be adopted. It was a Native American thingie. But when there were wolves who weren't adopted, but they came of age and had natural instincts kicking in, they were killed. A collection of Native Americans saw this as terrible and raided this kennel in the middle of the night and brought 16 wolves to a place that was better than where they were. That's when we were first introduced to being a family for wolves. Haven't turned back since.

They are the most misunderstood, and most feared canines. If I cannot end my day with a lick from a wolf...I'm unsatisfied. Our fellow creatures are so misunderstood, and so loving, that it is a crime that they are in the situation that they are. Someday, they will be understood, and accepted. Till then...we will be a haven for such.

We're all God's creatures...humans, dogs, cats, wolves, lions, all. Can we find a way to all get along? If I don't need you to have food, let live. If you don't need me to have food...let live. If we don't need anything other than ourselves to let live...then let us let live. May we never put bounty on this wonderful creature, as there is a special spirit that comes from the life of a wolf.

Kinda makes me in awe of my native American friends who hold this creature up in such reverence.

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