Monday, November 19, 2007

Wake Up Call

We had our first praise and worship service last night and I have to admit that I've never understood the dynamics of such services. They are so different from what happens in traditional "church on Sunday mornings". Probably what moved me most were the tears. Tears of joy and love and praise. And...the tears of guilt and sorrow and submission. Tears.

In the midsts of seeing others cry, to my amazement, I felt tears flowing down my own cheeks. Prior to and after giving the message, I stood in the back of the church gazing upon the backs of those attending. Their hands were lifted in praise. They looked up...looked down...but not all around. How deeply were their spirits immersed in praise and worship!

I've denied my worship experience this type of deep praise until last night. No more. I want more. More importantly, I yearn to be used more as a servant in helping to bring others to know the joy that comes from praising the name of Jesus. Sorry, Jesus, that I've not had my eyes opened to the joy that comes from praising your name in this manner until now. Thank you, Jesus, for having patience with me and trusting that you'd get through to me someday. Today's the day. I woke up today with you - and only you - on my mind. What JOY!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marty,
I know you may think I'm crazy to respond at such an hour. But I just couldn't sleep for being so excited about the possibilities for the lost ,hurting, uncared for, and unchurched in OUR community that this new service can offer if we simply deny our selfish fears and cry out to our Lord in love and praise and allow Him to draw those who are in all sorts of need. If we will only lift him up, then He will minister to their very need. He's just made me so bubbly and excited at 1:30 in the morning about these thoughts, that I had to share them with someone. I want to minister to those who are hurting emotionally, those who are less fortunate, those who are unable to "dress" like we may be fortunate to dress like at times, those whose hearts are at their last end with torn, broken marriages, those who have been hesistant to let go of themselves and allow God to make them a living sacrifice. Oh, Praise Him, Oh come let us adore Him.

With love from brother Larry in the love of Jesus Christ our Savior, the alpha and omega of our salvation. Oh, Cry out to Jesus!

Brother Marty said...

Indeed!!! In the love of Jesus we take on a servant's heart and minister to the lost, forgotten, unloved, as well as the fellow followers. May the thrill of praising Jesus' name be like a wildfire spreading throughout the community!
Crazy? I think not. On fire? Yeppers!