Sunday, November 25, 2007

Burning Up With The Holy Spirit

In the forestry business, prescribed burns are something that happens when a landowner or forest management company determines that there is too much undesired competition in the tree plantation for the trees to mature to give the best possible yield. They set fire to the land beneath the trees and let the wind guide the controlled flames to burn out everything undesirable. The trees then have new nutrition, and less competition to their growth.

Our lives are like tree plantations...and we can get a prescribed burn. At times there are too many undesirable things happening within us to foster our growth for maximum yield. There's a flame that can come into our lives and burn out these competitors to our spiritual maturity. It's name is the Holy Spirit. When we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives it will burn away anxiety, burn away selfishness, burn away resentment, burn away temptation and burn away sin. And when we fan that fire it will fire us up for deeper love, fire us up for greater service, fire us up for better relationships and fire us up for spreading the Good News that Jesus paved the way to glory in heaven.

My prescription just ran out...time to get it renewed!

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